We simplify and automate data security by producing trustworthy threat intelligence and weaponizing it for the protection of businesses and individuals with a plug-and-play solution.

We track, source and correlate malicious traffic from distributed global sensors. This data is processed through our patented threat correlation engine, creating a dynamic list of domains and IPs that are actively involved in cyber-crime. This intelligence, called ShadowNet is created in real-time, constantly fresh and always evolving. Now weaponized for threat mitigation, it can be directly fed into your network infrastructure.

ShadowNet is the most effective form of cybersecurity - delivered in a way that improves and complements your existing security efforts.

ShadowNet Direct

Ingest a dynamic intelligence feed directly into your existing firewall, SIEM or SOC

ShadowNet IntelliShun

Weaponized threat intelligence gateways (TIGs), offered in 1G or 10G

ShadowNet Extension

A weaponized intelligence feed, provided as a plug-in or browser extension to FireFox or Chromium-based browsers.

ShadowNet Mobile

Launch the ShadowNet mobile app and be protected everywhere you go

Community Projects

Supporting our community of analysts and threat hunters is paramount to RiskAnalytics' mission.  With our collaborators' input, AutoShun and Malware Domains have become two of the most authoritative open sources for highly reliable threat analytics.  And our partnership with Google's VirusTotal has become the "go-to-source" for confirmation of submitted threats.


A collaborative Open Source IP Intel sharing community, supported by thousands of contributors making it one of the most authoritative intelligence feeds available.

Malware Domains

A leading open source authority on malicious domains, leveraging embedded intelligence in tens of millions of web browser plug-ins to actively block malicious domains.


As an invited contributor of Google's VirusTotal, RiskAnalytics is a part of an exclusive community that scores and rates malware samples, IPs, and domains, serving Fortune 500 companies, governments and leading security companies.

Lets get back to the fundamentals: Don't talk to strangers.

Solid advice when you were a kid, and solid advice today to keep your business secure.  

No one is safe from cyber threats.  That is why ShadowNet provides a crucial layer of cyber security to neutralize threats and fortify your defenses.  Talk to us today to learn how you can be best protected from cyber threats.

You work hard to grow your company. We work hard to defend it. 

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