End-to-end solutions spanning
a broad range of industries

A leader in threat intelligence and intel-driven cyber security

RiskAnalytics is an innovative cyber security company founded in 2002. Today, we serve thousands of customers worldwide.

We partner with the largest cyber insurance provider in the world to reduce cyber risk with:

RiskAnalytics’ vision: cyber safety through networked defense

At RiskAnalytics, our vision is to be the leading provider of cyber safety. We believe that fighting a networked adversary requires a networked defense built upon highly accurate threat intelligence, ShadowNet. ShadowNet powers our intel-driven cyber security solutions that transform the way companies protect themselves from cyber threats.

The ART of Security: Actionable. Relevant. Timely.

To be useful, threat intelligence must be actionable, relevant and timely. ShadowNet is tested and refined to immediately protect your network, whatever your infrastructure. ShadowNet is continually managed and thoroughly vetted to ensure it is free of outdated and irrelevant data, resulting in a minimum of false positives.

End-to-end solutions spanning a broad range of industries

We offer a comprehensive cyber-safety platform consisting of threat intelligence, detection, mitigation and training. We serve customers of all sizes, from small businesses to the Fortune 500, and from a wide range of verticals including health care, legal, financial, technology, government, education and energy.