RA Labs intelligence service

Developed by RA Labs, ShadowNet is the aggregation and analysis of data from a wide range of intelligence sources, processed into a precise shun list. ShadowNet can be provisioned on RA purpose-built devices, or ingested by your existing firewall, IDS/IPS,or SIEM.

Mitigating traffic from criminal IPs

Our IntelliShun service provides bidirectional IP shunning to protect your network from criminal communications.

Mitigating internal and external network risks

The RA ThreatSweep service provides detection combined with bidirectional shunning to protect your network from cybercrimes while alerting you to incidents that require immediate human intervention.

Managing the human element of risk

RiskTool is an easy-to-use, web-based platform to administer cyber security and policy training, transforming employees from a source of risk into a force for security.