Mitigating Traffic From Criminal IPs

Our IntelliShun service provides bidirectional IP shunning to protect your network from criminal communications.

  • Line speed blocking against malicious IPs
  • Rapid install and immediate time-to-value
  • Continuous threat intelligence updates
  • Augments existing security layers
  • Accepts customer-provided blacklists and whitelists
  • Operates autonomously outside of firewall


  • Uses Gigabit ethernet for the management and service interfaces
  • Features a 1 Gigabit bridge
  • Single external power supply
  • Use RJ45 ethernet connectors
  • Small chassis with rack-mountable hardware


  • Uses a Gigabit ethernet for the management and service interfaces
  • Features a 10 Gigabit bridge
  • Features two redundant internal service-class power supplies
  • 10G bridge provides two slots for client-supplied *SFP+ modules.
    * SFP+ modules placed in IntelliShun 10G should match those already in use on the customer's network, which may vary by network environment.
    ** IntelliShun 10G bridge can accept RJ45 Gigabit ethernet SFP modules as well

IntelliShun 1G & 10G can be installed either inside or outside of your firewall

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Installing IntelliShun inside of your firewall will offer internal network visibility into threats and policy violations

IntelliShun features a rich user interface that provides visibility into the status of your network and the threats being averted

  • View types of attacks and generate custom reports
  • Includes support for whitelisting

You work hard to grow your company. We work hard to defend it. 

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