Managing the human element of risk

RiskTool is our powerful learning management system (LMS), which enables easy implementation of policy and training, to transform employees from a source of risk into a force for security.

  • Loaded with workforce training content to help users develop their cyber “street smarts”
  • Content is based on real-life cyber threats documented by RA Labs
  • An Assignment Engine lets you quickly distribute content to individuals or groups
  • A compliance tool that includes policy templates and more
  • Included training programs are short and engaging to maximize employee participation and retention

Easily manage assignments and view progress. RiskTool comes loaded with engaging, effective workforce training content, include:

  • Education on cyber security’s most relevant risks and hottest topics
  • Videos customized for key company audiences, including general employees, IT professionals and management
  • Key takeaways for users, as well as warning signs and preventable actions
  • Printable companion PDFs for each training video summarizing what you learned

RiskTool Overview

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RiskTool Training Videos Preview

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You work hard to grow your company. We work hard to defend it. 

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