The Most Accurate Threat Intelligence

Mitigating Traffic From Criminal IPs

Developed by RiskAnalytics, ShadowNet is the aggregation and analysis of data from a wide range of intelligence sources, processed into a precise shun list. ShadowNet can be provisioned on RA purpose-built devices, or ingested by your existing firewall, IDS/IPS, or SIEM.

ShadowNet continuously intakes, updates, and analyzes data, enabling near real-time generation of actionable intelligence. The result is a consolidated intelligence feed you can use with confidence to mitigate unwanted and unauthorized network traffic. ShadowNet can be deployed in any network environment without adversely affecting network performance for immediate protection.

RiskAnalytics works around the clock for you. Our veteran research team and patented expert systems ensure the attack data we provide is of the highest value for the most current threats.

Building on the philosophy that only a networked defense can combat a networked adversary - ShadowNet leverages threat intelligence gathered from RA-supported devices from around the world. These devices are updated in near real-time with the most current attack data creating a resilient and timely networked defenses structure.

ShadowNet “learns” from RA-supported devices worldwide and in real time to build a powerful networked defense that benefits the entire RA customer base.

  • RiskAnalytics' devices detects a new threat and shuns it locally
  • The attacker’s IP address is integrated into ShadowNet
  • Within minutes, ShadowNet is protecting all customers from the new threat

Intel Response Timeline

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How We Do It


We continuously aggregate customers networks and compare it against our existing database


Approved intel is normalized to a common format for analysis:

  • M2M
  • STIX
  • YETI


The resulting intel is automated for mechanized response, or forwarded to RiskAnalytics for further research, analysis or reference


The resulting threat intelligence is ShadowNet

You work hard to grow your company. We work hard to defend it. 

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