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Where our innovative threat intelligence is formulated and analyzed.

RA Labs was created to give our customers the most accurate and secure safety services available in today’s cyber sphere. As an innovative research center, RA Labs lays the framework behind our intel process: collection, normalization, analysis and solutions.

The intel derived from RA Labs’ highly accurate feed of malicious IPs and domain names organically “learns” from all RA-supported devices worldwide and in real time. All made possible by our patented automated analysis combined with our expert security systems and threat intelligence professionals.

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Our SecureDNS service is an important weapon against modern cybercrime. SecureDNS identifies communications with malicious domains and redirects the user to a safe landing page or sends the bad traffic to a “sinkhole” landing page.

Leveraging advanced threat intelligence generated by RA Labs, SecureDNS provides an always-on defense against criminals who use DNS as a platform to launch their attacks.

  • Mechanized mitigation of phishing, malware and botnets — before they start
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Zero-maintenance, with no appliance or endpoint software to install
  • Intelligent Disruption at the DNS layer keeps you a step ahead of new cyber threats

Products developed in RA/Labs

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Empower your workforce to be part of the cyber security solution, rather than part of the problem. RiskTool’s training content and assignment engine make it easy to assign and manage employee training that improves your company’s network security posture.

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