The Science of Security

Where our innovative threat intelligence is formulated and analyzed.

RA Labs was created to give our customers the most accurate and secure safety services available in today’s cyber sphere. As an innovative research center, RA Labs lays the framework behind our intel process: collection, normalization, analysis and solutions.

The intel derived from RA Labs’ highly accurate feed of malicious IPs and domain names organically “learns” from all RA-supported devices worldwide and in real time. All made possible by our patented automated analysis combined with our expert security systems and threat intelligence professionals.

Weekly Security Briefing

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Weekly Security Statistics

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Trending Blocked Destination  –  Locky Ransomware –  Zeus Banking Trojan  –  Zeus Banking Trojan –  Zeus Banking Trojan –  Zeus Banking Trojan –  BotNet Command & Control (Sality) –  BotNet Command & Control (Sality) –  BotNet Command & Control (Sality)  –  Malware / Phishing Site –  Malware / Phishing Site

Top News of the Week

As of Monday September 11, RA Labs is tracking a nascent BotNet that appears to consist mostly of exploited routers. While it bears some similarity to other popular telnet “IoT” BotNets, we have not yet determined which family this one belongs to. [continue reading]

Security Lexicon: Sality

When the source code to Zeus Banking Trojan was leaked, the code was modified by a group of criminals and released as Sality. This zeus derivative is still a dangerous trojan that's seen frequently. Known Sality command and control nodes are blocked through ShadowNet as part of our Zeus and BotNet Command & Control feeds.