Defense against domain-based threats

Our SecureDNS service is an important weapon against modern cybercrime. SecureDNS identifies communications with malicious domains and redirects the user to a safe landing page or sends the bad traffic to a sinkhole.

Leveraging advanced threat intelligence generated by RA Labs, SecureDNS provides an always-on defense against criminals who use DNS as a platform to launch their attacks.

A safe landing page


Users are redirected from malicious internet destinations to a safe landing page. Your administrator can see which workstation is being redirected, providing insight to potential high-risk user behavior

Broad protection from many threats

SecureDNS interface

SecureDNS offers a low-cost, high-value solution to drastically minimize your exposure and mitigate DNS tunneling attacks, malware infection, and a variety of other DNS-based risks, including:

Accurate, flexible geo-blocking

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