Data Storage and Filings Repository

At RiskAnalytics, we are the experts that helped develop SERFF
  • RA at its core is a cyber security company and is committed to offering secure enterprise remote data storage, which includes filings repository, data storage, data warehousing, and reporting.
  • RA experts developed the SERFF application in cooperation with the NAIC
  • RA is committed to SERFF
  • RA in conjunction with ICS developed and is the original SERFF Remote Hosting provider
Automatic system monitoring proactively manages your SERFF data environment
  • Potential problems can be identified and prevented
  • Corrective procedures are automated to prevent downtime

Data security provided through multiple layers of protection including firewalls, intrusion detection, data transmission encryption, application and database access authorization

A comprehensive, automated enterprise data management system is used to ensure the retention of your valuable information
  • Backup data is stored off site by an independent records retention firm
  • Automated backup processes for disaster recovery are tested quarterly
State-of-the-art data center used to provide continuous 24/7/365 SERFF data availability
  • Protects against service interruption due to power or environmental failures
  • Addresses the risk of building destruction due to natural or other disasters
RA is an agile, small-sized company that provides responsive personal service
  • Does your company have special needs?
  • Does your company need another security layer?
  • RA has agreeable terms to meet your requirements
Join the growing family of companies that realize the benefits of SERFF and rely upon RA as their Remote Data Storage provider

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